“Well Seasoned” – ECAA group show at San Pablo Art Gallery

Well_Seasoned1Selected ECAA artists will exhibit their work at San Pablo Art Gallery from December 1 through January 26, 2016. The gallery is at 13831 San Pablo Ave., San Pablo. The exhibit “Well Seasoned” features 11 artists’ interpretations using their chosen medium and style.

Exhibitors and images clockwise from left; Jean Sichterman, Ikuko Boyland, Alyss Dorese, Eileen Libby, Jean Witzke, June Hunt, Sue Collins, Ling-Te Liao, Jennifer White, Charlotte Britton, Barbara Rockhold.

Please join them at the Reception on December 13, 1-3 p.m.

Scenes from Japan in Various Media- Ikuko Boyland

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Exhibit of Ikuko Boyland at Payn’s Stationery

November 11 through January 13, 2015

Ikuko’s first interest in fine art began in Tokyo by attending evening classes of traditional Japanese painting known as “Nihonga.” Finely ground pigments of rocks or plants is mixed with “nikawa,” glue from animal skin or bone. Then each mixture is heated and diluted with water to apply on rice paper specially coated & adhered to a board. Even though it is a tedious way to create paint, she enjoyed learning it. Gradually her interest developed into a wider range of media. The show “Scenes from Japan in Various Media” is a collection of her work from many trips to Japan. Some are old and some are recent works.

Nov. 10 ECAA Meeting: ‘Snack’ Potluck, Social, Critique


Please come and share a dish. Finger foods only, please
We need :
* main dish finger food
* veggies
* fruit
* dessert
* beverages of your choice

We’ll also vote in the 2014 ECAA officers. (Nominees listed below.)

A group critique led by past presidents Jean Witzke & Charlotte Britton will also be part of the program. Bring an unfinished piece or one that is giving you trouble for comments from your peers.


The meeting will be held in the Garden Room of the El Cerrito Community Center, 7007 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito. The evening begins at 7 p.m.

2014 November Plein Air

2014 November Plein Air – Meet at the site at 11 am.

There is a site every Thursday, starting at 11am. 510-914-8226

November 6thVIEW OF WILDCAT CYN from BONITA RD. San Pablo. Turn onto San Pablo Dam Rd from 1-80 (north of El Cerrito) to the stoplight just beyond the carwash and turn uphill to the right onto Morrow Drive. Turn left onto Hillcrest and drive past several other streets to Bonita Rd. Turn right on Bonita and go almost to the end. Take the last left turn and go to the end of the street. Plenty of parking and a sidewalk where we can sit!

November 13thVINEYARD ON CHURCH LN, San Pablo. Suggested by Ikuko

This is the end of the season and the vines should be turning golden. Take San Pablo Ave north from El Cerrito to Church Lane and turn right (just before La Strada restaurant) about 2 blocks. Turn right again and take the first entrance into St Joseph’s cemetery. Park at the bottom of the hill near the office. Look up for the view of the hills behind the vineyard.

November 20thCREST AVE, Pt Richmond. (East Richmond Ave, then south on Washington Ave to top of the hill.) Site requested by Sue Collins

From El Cerrito, take Cutting Blvd or 580 from Berkeley to downtown Point Richmond. (turn right to avoid going thru tunnel) and if you are now on E Richmond Avenue, follow it.  Turn south (left) at the first street that looks like it will go a distance (Washington Ave.).  When you reach the crest of the hill you are at Crest Avenue.   Turn left and drive to the end of the road.  Google maps would be a big help.


December & January are the months when we HOPE it will rain so much that we are not able to go outdoors! Last year the weather was lovely & sunny. Once again, we will schedule Blake Gardens for these two months. Go when your Holiday schedule permits.

Daniel Altman At El Cerrito Community Center

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ECAA member Daniel Altman is showing his paintings at the El Cerrito Community Center in November and December.

Daniel says he is an architect by profession and an artist by passion.

“For me, painting is color,” he says. “Color is the important element of my painting. I use real colors and imaginary colors.”

Daniel’s favorite subjects are seascape, landscape and urban scape. For his Community Center exhibit, he will be showing his seascapes.

“I love the water and how the  elements surrounding or adjacent to it reflect in the water different colors, and how the water colors the elements on it and around it.”

Stop by and see Daniel’s work during regular business hours at the community center, 7007 Moeser Lane.


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