Ling-Te Liao and Sue Collins showing at Mira Vista Country Club

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Invitational Art Exhibit

October 2014 – February 2015

With this fourth show we celebrate a full year of art in the hallway! Our General Manager’s office at the helm downstairs allows Ron to hear the wonderful appreciation and interest from members, guests, and visitors as they comment on the continued variety and display of art work.

This current rotation exhibits work by Mira Vista member watercolorist Diana J. Cohen, with an expansive collection of vibrant color and subjects. Prize winning entries and other work of our featured guests are on display by El Cerrito Art Association members Sue Collins and Ling-Te Liao, who were each awarded one of Mira Vista Golf and Country Club’s Merchant Awards at the recent 38th Annual Show in October. Sue Collins has recently added digital art to her talents and continues to work in oil, each medium represented here. Ling Liao returns with a set of six new watercolors, some of his smaller work!

Mira Vista is also honored to display two paintings by the late El Cerrito resident and artist Kenneth Siqueira, with a welcoming view of Mt. Tamalpais in the foyer adjacent to an impressive Buildings Below San Simeon. These were recently donated by collector William E. Johnston to benefit Friends of El Cerrito Library. Prior Artway exhibitor and one of last year’s prize winners, Charlotte Britton recalls him painting at Lake Tahoe and exclaiming, “I’m so happy!.”

By popular request, two of Larry Hatfield’s 36 Views of Mt. Tamalpais, his tribute to Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mt. Fuji, will remain on display in the Hunter Grill Lounge.

Continued thanks for the opportunity to add another dimension to Mira Vista Golf and Country Club with this fourth exhibition.

Stan Osher and Eileen Libby

Payn’s Stationery – time slots available next year

There are three time slots currently available for next year at Payn’s Stationery, July-Sept 2015, Sept-Nov, 2015 Nov- Jan. 2016. If anyone is interested in exhibiting either in a solo or group show, please contact Joan Mastronarde at Names will be taken in order they are received, and if there are more than three, names will be assigned to time slots in 2016.

Winners List From 2014 ECAA Annual Show & Sale

Here are the winners. Congrats to everybody.

Schweitzer,   Linda 1st Place
Aochi,   Joan 2nd Place
Witzke,   Jean 3rd Place
Amrhein,   Bob Honorable Mention
McMahon,   Joann Honorable Mention
Mulder,   Christine Honorable Mention
Amrhein,   Bob Merchant Award
Amrhein,   Bob Merchant Award
Aochi,   Joan Merchant Award
Cardinet,   Stan Merchant Award
Schweitzer,   Linda Memorial Award
Randel,   Claudia 1st Place
Uomini,   Joanne 2nd Place
Mendell,   Doris 3rd Place
Bergman,   Patricia Honorable Mention
Cotter,   Marie Honorable Mention
Mulder,   Christine 1st Place
Yoshimura, Wendy 2nd Place / Merchant Award
Anderson, Jack 3rd Place / Falconer
Britton,   Charlotte Honorable Mention
Markowitz,   Susan Honorable Mention
Moule,   Katherine Honorable Mention
Shafer,   Joanna Honorable Mention
Witzke,   Jean Honorable Mention
Anderson,   Jack Merchant Award
Bergman,   Patricia Merchant Award
Liao,   Ling Merchant Award
Head,   Marilyn Brouwer Award
Morita,   Barbara Past President’s Award
Hagar,   Laura 1st Place
Cotter,   Marie 2nd Place
Woolf,   Catherine 3rd Place Mayor’s
Scroggs,   Karen 1st Place
Mead,   Dale 3rd Place
Aramayo,   Rob 2nd Place / Merchant Award
Smith,   Roseanne 1st Place
Carlisle,   Carol 2nd Place
Ford,   Susan 3rd Place
Aramayo, Rob Honorable Mention / Falconer Award
Donaldson,   Doug Honorable Mention
Bonsey,   Jim Merchant Award
Donaldson,   Doug 1st Place
Scroggs,   Karen 2nd Place
Yount,   Lisa 3rd Place
Collins,   Sue Merchant Award
Yount,   Lisa Merchant Award
Contis,   Leda 1st Place
Rikeman,   Lindsay 2nd Place
Dorese,   Alyss 3rd Place
Lura,   Daryl Honorable Mention
Nitechi,   Danute Honorable Mention
Furuzawa,   Richard Merchant Award
Hunkler,   Angela 1st Place
Lura,   Daryl 2nd Place
Jones,   Douglas 3rd Place
Mori, Sylvia Honorable Mention / Merchant Award
Zimmerman,   Susan Honorable Mention
Hunt,   June Merchant Award
Parker,   Elaine Memorial
Ozerim,   Evrim 1st Place
Gilbert,   Beverly 2nd Place
Woolf,   Catherine 3rd Place
Dean,   Judith Honorable Mention
Denzinger,   Johanna Merchant Award
Fowler,   Rich 1st Place
Yeaton,   Joanne 2nd Place
Morrison,   Gail 3rd Place
IMAGE 10″ X 10″
Trinh,   Nga 1st Place
Rockhold,   Barbara 2nd Place
Uomini,   Joanne 3rd Place
Neilson,   Jane Honorable Mention
Burke,   Helen Merchant Award

Open Studio at the Graphic Arts Workshop

2014_GAW-CARD_FINAL_emailOn October 25 & 26, 2014, ECAA members Gail Morrison and Toru Sugita will be among the artists participating in Open Studios at the Graphic Arts Workshop in San Francisco. The Workshop is one of San Francisco’s oldest and least-known artistic organizations.

In contrast to today’s world of technology, many of the techniques used at GAW are centuries-old, although most have modern (and less toxic) refinements. They include etching, woodcut, linocut, letterpress, monotype and monoprint, lithograph, screenprint, and endless combinations and variations. Each artist works in his or her own style, but all produce original fine art prints, not reproductions.

A wide variety of fine art prints of many types and price-points will be on display and for sale. The artists will be on hand to explain their processes and inspirations.

The Graphic Arts Workshop is located at 2565 Third Street (on the Muni T line), #305, in San Francisco’s up-and-coming Dogpatch neighborhood. Hours are Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26, 2014, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 415-285-5660.

The event is free, and all are welcome to come explore the world of fine art printmaking.



Zentangles at Payne’s Stationery


Abbey Achs with her exhibit of Zentangles at Payn’s Stationery until Nov. 11.


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