And The Winners Are…

Congratulations to all the winners at the 2012 ECAA Annual Show and Sale. Here they are:

Acrylic Paint – 1st: In The Garden by Beverly Gilbert. 2nd: Contemplating Authenticity by Barbara Rockhold. 3rd: Myrna by Doris Mendell. HM: Construction by Irving Gershenberg. HM: Under the Tuscan Sun by Clorinda Smith.

Digital – 1st: Empyrea by Paul Fitisoff. 2nd: Promises to Keep by Gail Morrison. 3rd: Tennessee Valley Beach Reflection by Doug Donaldson.

Drawing Media – 1st: Sofia by Catherine Woolf. 2nd: Harvest by Pat Barkas. 3rd: Owl in Flight by Jean Fisk. HM: Flora and Fauna by Elaine Parker.

Mixed Media – 1st: Untitled A by Judy Threadgill. 2nd: Hidden Forest by Nga Trinh. 3rd: Entering onto the Materialistic by Prakash Patrapanda. HM: Tyler by June Hunt. HM: The Dream is Reality by Doug Jones. HM: The (endangered) Crested Honeycreeper of Maui, Karen Kramer.

Oil Paint – 1st: And the Sun Pours Down by Linda Schweitzer. 2nd: Chicago by Jean Sichterman. 3rd: Penrose Tiling by Amy Ione. HM: Old Steamer, Austria II by Stan Cardinet.

Pastel – 1st: Lake in New Hampshire by Marie Cotter. 2nd: Memorial Grove Port Costa, CA by Beverly Gilbert. HM: Michael Jackson 1988 Tour by Cheryl Fergen.

Photography, B & W – 1st: Summer Storm Yosemite NP by Rob Aramoyo. 2nd: Sundial Bridge by Sharon Banuelos. 3rd: Mystic Sky by Stan Osher.

Photography, Color – 1st: Souliman Mosque Interior, Turpan, Xingjiang, China by Doug Donaldson. 2nd: White-Faced Ibis Klamath NWR by Rob Aramoyo. 3rd: Mother & Infant, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Diana Rebman. HM: Untitled II by Graciella Rossi. HM: Hummingbird at Fountain by Roseanne Smith.

Printmaking – 1st: Death Valley November 2010 by Shankar Ramamoorthy. 2nd: Hands by Sam Vaughan. 3rd: Torre Aurora by Gail Morrison.

Sculptural Forms – 1st: Francis the Donkey by Peter Hewitt. 2nd: Mother & Child Gorillas by Alyss Dorese. 3rd: Clothesline by Leda Contis. HM: 3 Heads by Daryl Lura.

Up Close – 1st: Firefly by Gail Morrison. 2nd: Up Close A Day at the Museum by Tom Chen. 3rd: Too Close For Comfort by Barbara Rockhold.

Watercolor Paint – 1st: Horseshoe Bay by Ling Liao. 2nd: Chee Waterfalls by June Hunt. 3rd: Occupied Parrots by Karen Scroggs. HM: Gloria by Pamela Coville. HM: Petaluma Spring II by Eileen Libby. HM: Porcelain Puppy by Wendy Yoshimura.