Shankar Ramamoorthy At Community Center

Shankar Ramamoorthy will be showing his screenprints at the El Cerrito Community Center, 7007 Moeser Lane, in November and December.


Here’s how Shankar creates his prints:

The source images for my screenprints are my digital photographs. I learned silkscreen printing from my friend the Berkeley political poster maker Doug Minkler. I took up screen printing in 2010 as a way to make my photographs “hand made by me” not only in the capture of the image but also in the print. At the same time, I wanted to reduce the captured digital image to a more primitive (basic) image, both in the number of colors and in the level of detail.

I make the positives for some prints by hand, tracing from a printed version of the photograph. For other prints, such as halftones, thepositives are created via software. I hand print all my screen prints on a small press.

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