February Meeting – Artistic Travel to Central Italy

Our February 11 program will feature a slide program looking at the early Renaissance art of Central Italy (particularly Orvieto, Assisi and small sites nearby) as the modern art of its day.  The artists who painted in important buildings in Umbria were the Mark Rothkos and Joseph Albers of their time.  The locals who saw these humanist works and the important donors who commissioned them were amazed.  Real people were featured for the first time.  Color and light became more and more important and new materials were being developed.  Other  contemporary artists came to admire and learn.

Guiding us on this amazing art adventure is Edmund Zimmerman.  For the last twenty plus years Edmund has searched central Italy for lost or forgotten works of art…usually on the walls of semi-abandoned hilltop dwellings, fortresses, abbeys, castles and barns.  As director of LaRomita School of Art for the past twelve years he shares the results of his search for art, sites, views and panoramas with his participants and teachers.
A free-lance writer and poet with a background in the performing arts in Rome and San Francisco, Edmund is fluent in Italian, has traveled extensively throughout Central Italy and is well versed in Italian cultural and political history. Edmund’s articles have been published in numerous print and on-line media. A book of his poems, Division Symbol, with illustrations by Enza Quargnali, was published in 2008 by Edizioni Thyrus.
Meetings are at the Community Center, 7007 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito. The door opens at 7 p.m. Check-in deadline for the mini art show is 7:15 p.m. The program follows at 7:30 p.m.
Mini art show theme – Open theme