DMV Show opens March 19 – People in Art

What better venue than the El Cerrito DMV to have an art show that celebrates people!

The art show that will be hung on Wednesday, March 19, has a theme “People in Art.”  This beautiful show celebrates the diversity media employed by our members as they capture people around them in their works.  Watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels and photographs provide striking images.  We hope you will come and enjoy this show.

ECAA members, Daniel Altman, Georgia Bassen, Hortensia Chang, Sandy Kallenberg, Jane Neilson and Jean Sichterman are participating.  The show will be on display until Wednesday July 9, 2014.  Here is a glimpse of some of the art that will be on display.

The theme of the show that begins July 9 through November 12 will be “Vehicles.”  Several members have asked to participate, but more member works can be included. There is plenty of time for you to capture that classic car, truck, tractor, boat, sled, wagon, bike, bus or train in your favorite medium.  If it is man-made and carries people on or in them, it’s a vehicle. If you know a member that produces works of art with vehicles, encourage them to participate.  If you are interested in being included in this show, please contact Jenny White. Remember that art hung in this show will not be able to be hung in the ECAA Fall Art Show at the beginning of October.

It is not too early to think about displaying your art in other upcoming shows at the DMV.  The show to be hung on November 12 will be “In the City.”  This can include houses, gardens, roads, intersections, factories, schools, stores, parks or other such scenes.  The El Cerrito DMV is a wonderful display site for your art.  Please consider participating.  Contact Jenny White at if you are interested.