May Plein Air Painters Schedule

Meet at the site at 11 am.

This month’s schedule includes the addition to our regular Thursday schedule of two outdoor Tuesday sessions on May 6 and 20.

May 1 –(Thursday) & 6 (Tuesday)– LAKE ANZA Follow your favorite route to Wildcat Canyon Road and get onto Central Park Drive. Take Lake Anza Road to parking lot. Lake Anza is located between Brazil Building and the Carousel. Follow signs in the park. Maps available online:

May 8 –PT MOLATE – Take 580 west toward Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and exit right just before the toll plaza. Follow signs to Pt Molate. (Left, toward the water, not uphill to yacht harbor). It is nice with picnic tables & grass and fantastic views of Richmond Bridge from the north and Mt Tam/Marin beyond. Primitive restroom available. Please do not paint by yourself. Wait for another outdoor painter from our group.

May 15 – VIEW from KING CT. Carol Sutton’s recommendation was so good we have to go back again!   Take Moeser Lane uphill past the Swim Center. Left on Shevlin Drive.  Stay on Shevlin Dr. until it becomes King Drive and King Ct. Park on King Ct., a dead end street.  There is a trailhead at the end of the street. Follow the trail to the right through the trees to the first of many clear areas with panoramic views of the Bay.

From Arlington Blvd. you can also go on Moeser downhill and turn right onto King Drive and to King Ct. The trail is at the end of King Ct. Parking is limited and we will park along King. There is also a very short walk to a really incredible view of the “flatlands” below. Because the area below was once a quarry there is no sloping hillside from this vantage point!

May 20– (Tuesday) –FLOWER STAND 4125 Piedmont Ave, Oakland.

Piedmont Ave is parallel (sort of) to Broadway and between Pleasant Valley Ave and

W. MacArthur Blvd. FOUND on Piedmont, a new art gallery is next to the flowers.

May 22 (Thursday) – ST JOSEPH VINEYARD, 2540 Church Ln, San Pablo.

Take San Pablo Ave about 3 miles north from El Cerrito. Turn right at Church Lane. The site is on your right about 2 blocks. Go uphill to the area just next to the large Egyptian looking building and park at the top of the hill.

May 29 (Thursday) – KIRSTON KOTHS’ GARDEN – Kirston Koths has invited us to return to his beautiful backyard and paint there again! From San Pablo Ave., take Barrett Ave. up the hill and turn left (north) onto Mira Vista. OR follow Arlington Blvd. and turn down the hill at Barrett. Continue west toward the Bay for six blocks to Mira Vista and turn right. The painting site is on your right at 2646 Mira Vista.  Go thru the gate at the right side of the house to enter the garden.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! We have been invited to have an exhibit of outdoor artwork at El Cerrito City Hall. Dates are August 4 – Sept 11. Artwork will be hung on July 31.