July 4th festivities need your help!

To all the members of ECAA – I wish to invite you to the World One Fourth of July Fair on the grounds of Cerrito Park on the Fourth of July. Many of our members will be participating and we would like to have your support. We have demonstrations by Sylvia Mori (mosaic) 10-12, Milada Pajaczkowski ( oil painting) 12-2, Nga Trinh (origami) 2-4, Jean Sichterman (oil painting) 4-6 and Rich Fowler (printmaking ) on going all day. There will be 13 booths from the ECAA covering various forms of arts, crafts and photography. We hope to see you all there. Jean Sichterman

2 Responses to July 4th festivities need your help!

  1. arbah10 says:

    I would like to demonstrate pastel drawing

  2. Jean Sichterman says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Please e-mail me at jeansichterman@comcast.net. I will be happy to add you to our City of El Cerrito & World One 4th of July Festival roster. Please let me know if you are interested in a booth, demonstrating or volunteering. Joanne said demonstrating pastel – that would be absolutely incredible and we would love having you on the program.


    Jean S
    Chairman 4th of July Festival

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