ECAA Artists: Join The Artists' Market Saturday, Oct. 4

ECAA artist members are invited to be part of the annual Artists’ Market at the Annual Show & Sale on Saturday, Oct. 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Email Chairperson Barbara Morita at if you’re interested.

The Artists’ Market is a newer part of the show and has been growing annually. Barbara points out that it’s a great way to try out setting up and selling your wares since there are no booth fees. What do you have to lose?

People have sold originals of their artwork, prints or cards of their paintings, photos and other crafts. Booths at the event can be simple: a table, umbrella and chairs.  But some are several tables, table coverings and art hung from the canopy or stands.

Most artists bring tables to display their artwork and chairs so they can be comfortable.  A canopy or patio umbrella is optional but helpful.  It helps define your space and provides shade. If you bring a canopy/umbrella it should be weighted down unless you know for certain there will be only light breezes for the day.  Sand bags or jugs of water tied to the frame/legs works.

Artists can choose the cement area in front of the entrance to the Community Center (between the grass and the building) or set up in the interior patio.  The front area is more visible to people walking by.  The patio is somewhat more sheltered and intimate.

Selecting a space to set up is first-come, first-served.  The atmosphere is very supportive and relaxed.  There’s always a fellow artist to help you wrestle with your canopy and watch your booth while you peek into the art show.

Foot traffic is light (compared to the Solano stroll!) but very friendly.  Many people take the time to browse and chat, especially on their way out after viewing the art show inside.

Barbara says you can check the weather forecast the day before and plan accordingly.  The decision to show up or not due to in climate weather is entirely up to you.

Note that artists at the market contribute 15% of sales to the ECAA.