Abbey Achs' Zentangles At Payn's

Abbey Achs will be showing her Zentangles created in pen and marker at Payn’s Stationery Sept. 16 – Nov. 11.

Abbey’s “doodles” or “Zentangles” are whimsical, colorful “doodles” that are playful, cheerful and fun. All are created as black and white outlines filled in with bright colors. Most are intricate but recognizable designs.

Abbey graduated Cornell University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, taught art for 2 years at the Baldwin School in Philadelphia and then changed the course of her life by going overseas first to Peru, with the Peace Corps, and then to Buenos Aires, where her children were born.

Abbey’s work has taken her all over the world, including 11 years recently living in Mexico. While art was not the focus of her working career, it was always a part of her private life.

The time Abbey has spent in Latin American countries has influenced her art.

“I have always been delighted by the colorful crafts, artifacts and clothing that are part of the Latino culture,” she said. “I hope this delight comes through in my drawings.”

She draws spontaneously, creating her compositions in an unstructured and stream of consciousness style.  Her colors are inspired by the rich cultures of the places where she has resided and traveled.

Currently based in El Cerrito, California, she continues to create her “zen” tangles in her enjoyable spare time.

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