Library Shows Through 2014

The ECAA shows at the El Cerrito Library through the rest of 2014 will be:

First Place Winners from the 2014 Annual Exhibit thru November 14.

The artists are: Laura Hagar, Angela Hunkler, Christine Mulder, Claudia Randal & Linda Schweitzer: Painting Evrim Ozerim: Drawing Rich Fowler: Printmaking Doug Donaldson: Digital Art Karen Scroggs & Rosanne Smith: Photography Barbara Rockhold: Special Category 10″x10″

Mini Art Show Winners November 14 thru end of the year.

22 Artists participating: Daniel Altman, Robert Amrhein, Tom Bottomly, Ikuko Boyland, Barbara Daniell, Alyss Dorese, Beverly Gilbert, Marcia Gough, June Hunt, Lois Jones, Len Kamp, Vera Lis, Betsy Littell, Doris Mendell, Julia Montrond, Christine Mulder, Danute Nitecki, BarbaraRockhold, Karen Scroggs, Shay Stevens, Joanne Uomini

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