Plein Air painting at Blake Garden Thursdays in January

Charlotte Britton

Charlotte Britton


With Ikuko’s nice potluck gathering on the first Thursday in December, and two rainy thursdays followed by two holiday thursdays, most of us did any painting in December 2014 on our own…
This is a  reminded that we agreed to paint at Blake Gardens in December and January:
Take Arlington Blvd to Rincon Road (behind Arlington Community Church and across the street from Kensington  Library from the south.  There is another right turn on Rincon from the north but maybe hard to see the sign until you are upon it. Blake Gardens is in the middle of Rincon and there is a parking lot and a small gate to the left of the larger entryway.
Call Charlotte at 510-914-8226 if you need more information.
There are all kinds of sites here, including a view of theGolden Gate bridge if the weather is clear.
By the end of January we will hope for blooming “tulip” trees…  There are a number of varieties around the square pond at the south end of the garden
(away from the house).

One Response to Plein Air painting at Blake Garden Thursdays in January

  1. Hey you guys. I have sold my best overlook painting so we need to do some more, up there. See you. Happy New Year. I’ll go get a block.

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