Time to Renew Your Membership for 2015


It is time to renew your membership for the Art Association. The ECAA board has agreed to once again keep the dues at $30 ($35 for family) for renewing members.

The El Cerrito Art Association has had a wonderful year of programs and shows. So many of our members are active artists and generously contribute to the board, committee, gallery shows, 4th of July Show and Annual Show. This makes our group successful in its mission of supporting art in our community.

You will find attached the renewal form. Please:
1. print & fill out the dues renewal form (you may indicate information corrections on your renewal form if you would rather not email the information)
4. Make check out to ECAA
5. Mail to June Hunt, 1877 Yosemite Rd., Berkeley, CA 94707

Your dues are due by January 17.
Renewing members once again pay only $30, however, if you pay after January 31 you will be considered a new member who must pay $35.

Attached is last year’s 2014 Membership Directory and a 2015 Renewal Form.

Dues renewal form2015

Dues renewal form2015