Alyss Dorese showing Jewelry as Art currently at Payn's Stationery

Framed pieces of one of a kind necklaces made of polymer clay and wire from January 13 through March 17 at Payn’s.

Alyss Dorese studied painting and sculpture at the Art Student’s League in NYC under Chaim Gross and Moses Soyer. She stopped painting and sculpting for a period of twenty years, instead establishing a career in book publishing in New York. In 1985, while serving on a jury panel, by chance she met a potter who encouraged her to go back to art and try working in clay. She learned the wheel and continued to pot until 1992, when she moved from New York to Palm Springs, Ca. There she enrolled in The College of the Desert and began taking pottery classes from Professor Ron Evans. Professor Evans encouraged her to alter wheel forms combining them with hand and slab building and for the next years created whimsical ceramic life size animals.

Moving to Berkeley 7 years ago, she set up her studio at the Berkeley Potters Guild on 4th and Jones. Soon thereafter, she found her interest in clay ebbing and put all her pottery equipment in storage including her wheels and kiln. Her interests turned to working in Polymer clay, working in a small space, using a toaster oven rather than a kiln, designing one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Her interest in photography was limited to pictures taken while traveling, until she had some of her travel pictures published in travel magazines. She started to carry her Canon DSL camera with her at all times and shooting locally. Greeting cards featuring some of her photographs are available at Payn’s Stationery.

Alyss Dorese’s sculptures have received awards from The Palm Springs Museum and The El Cerrito Art Show and her photographs have received awards from The El Cerrito Art Show, have been featured in a Florida’s digital exhibition, and this last year on a billboard on 42nd Street & Broadway in New York. She has had solo shows of her jewelry and photography at The French Hotel as well as photography and sculpture exhibited at the El Cerrito Annual Art Show. The cover of the El Cerrito Art Association’s brochure features one of her photographs.