What's happening at the DMV?

Beginning July 15 the new show at the DMV will be “Doorways”.  In this
show a delightful array of doorways suggest the many worlds we enter
when we go through front doors, garden gates, and walk down a city
streets, to name a few.  Photographs, watercolors, acrylics and
prints are featured.  Member artists Barbara Brendlinger,  Doug
Donaldson, Rich Fowler, Kathleen Glenn, Linda Kohn, Julia Montrond,
and Stan Osher are participating.  Images of their work will appear in
next month’s Palette and on the web after the show opens.
Are you interested in participating in upcoming shows at this venue?
The show that hangs November 11 through March 16, 2016 has the theme
“Global Connections” and will celebrate the diversity of cultures,
people, celebrations, clothing, architecture, daily life, villages,
etc. our artists are inspired by, and capture, in their works as they
travel the country and world
The theme of show that runs from March 16, 2016 through July 13 is
“People in Art.”

Member artists interested in displaying their works in either of the
next two shows should contact Jenny White at jmwhite@berkeley.edu.