Doorways – New show at the DMV

Doorways, the new show at the El Cerrito DMV by member artists from the El Cerrito Art Association, depicts many doors and gates we encounter in our lives.Each door we approach presents anticipations and expectations of what we will find on the other side. Through doorways we encounter love, work, closure, happiness, a safe haven, new beginnings or adventure to mention a few.  These artists were inspired to capture in watercolors, acrylics, prints and photographs myriad doorways in their lives.  The show continues until Wednesday November 11, 2015.  Participating ECAA members include Barbara Brendlinger, Doug Donaldson, Rich Fowler, Kathleen Glenn, Linda Kohn, Julia Montrond, and Stan Osher.  Should you be interested in purchasing a piece of art, contact the artist directly. We hope you will visit the DMV and enjoy this colorful inviting show.