Karen Scroggs photographs at El Cerrito Community Center

El Cerrito Community Center
Sept. 1 – Sept. 30, 2015

Translucent Color Shifts:  Antelope Canyon, Crystal and Flowers, Digital Photography

My choice to shift the color spectrum found in the Navajo Nation’s Antelope Canyon was a discovery which grew directly out of my Studio work at Berkeley City College.  Originally inspired by the ethereal, prismatic, and translucent qualities of crystal or glass and flowers, I was surprised and excited to discover that Antelope Canyon’s sandstone walls are embedded with reflective mica.  I immediately knew I wanted to enhance the surfaces of the canyon.  So, I enjoyed exploring enigmatic in-camera shapes which seem to invite reinterpretation.  Following the lights, mediums, and darks in the canyon, I knew that, once I was home, I would be able to play with the broad natural spectrum of seductive colors to see where else I could go.

I studied film photography at College of Marin, where inventive “solarizations” inspired me to play with both positive and negative images to discover surprises.  I received Bachelor degrees in Art/(Color) Photography and Music/Voice at San Francisco and Hayward State Universities and have returned to art at Peralta Community Colleges, recently engaging in Multi Media Arts at Berkeley City College