Croton-on-Hudson by Mary Francis Crabtree

“A painting by Mary Frances Crabtree, The Croton-on-Hudson Historic Dam, will be exhibited and become part of the permanent collection in the Croton-on-Hudson Historical Society’s museum.  The dam, which is on the Hudson River, was built by hand in the late 19th century (started in 1890) and is the 2nd largest hand-hewn stone-cut structure in the world (the pryramids are the first, all built by hand)!  Mary Frances worked on-site, i.e., plein air, when she and John lived in Croton in 1999.  The painting took 2 months to complete, and received much good publicity.  Hope you and I will get to New York someday to see the painting in the museum!”
Mary Frances Crabtree

2 Responses to Croton-on-Hudson by Mary Francis Crabtree

  1. Christine Mulder says:

    Spectacular! Congratulations, Mary Frances!

  2. Len Kamp says:

    Terrific Job Mary Frances! Wow!, This is an exceptional painting of a very difficult subject, Congratulations!!!

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