Plein Air for April 2023

We meet at the site on Thursdays 11 am – 1 pm and welcome all artists. If you wish to socialize and share your work, meet at 1:00. 

APRIL 6: MEEKER SLOUGH, RICHMOND From Berkeley, take I-80 north. Use the right two lanes to merge onto I-580 toward the Richmond Bridge. Take the South 23rd Street/ Marina Bay exit off I-580. Use the left two lanes to turn left onto Marina Bay Parkway at the signal light. Continue on Marina Bay Parkway, crossing Regatta Boulevard (4th traffic light). Turn left onto Bayside Drive. Continue to the end where there is a small area to park and a path that leads to the slough.


Take University Ave west towards the Bay and turn left onto Seawall Dr. at the end. Park along Seawall Drive.  Go east along the walking path towards the South Sailing Basin.  There are several interesting aquatic and hillside views along the waterfront.

Southern End of Dornan Drive, Richmond 

Take I-580 in Richmond to Exit 8, the Canal Boulevard/Garrard Boulevard Exit. Turn left onto Canal Boulevard and continue under the freeway, turn right onto West Cutting at the corner near the Chevron Station, and left onto South Garrard Boulevard at the three-way stop. Proceed through the tunnel onto Dornan Drive and continue South towards San Francisco Bay. Turn Right into the parking lot. We’ll meet close to the water. 

April 27WILDCAT CANYON, Monte Cresta Ave., San Pablo
The dead end of Monte Cresta Ave. provides open vistas of Alvarado Park, Wildcat Canyon, and further parklands to the Bay. Take I-80 north to the San Pablo Dam Rd. exit and turn right onto San Pablo Dam Road. Next turn right onto Morrow Dr., and then turn left onto Hillcrest Road. Follow Hillcrest a while. Turn right onto Bonita Rd., then left onto Monte Cresta Ave. We meet at the end.

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