Our Next Meeting: June 13, 7 – 9 pm

Hand-built Ceramics Demonstration by Ellen Sachtsale


In 2009 Ellen developed Generous Nature Pottery as a side business to create Blessing Bowls and Seeds of Gratitude. These bowls and seeds contain handmade paper ribbons on which to write personal notes of blessings and gratitude. They are carried in twenty two shops and galleries across the United States. “Generous Nature Pottery is dear to my heart because it puts my values out into the world. It encourages people to slow down in this hectic life and express themselves sincerely to those who are special to them.”

Ellen began teaching in 1996 at the Carrboro Art Center in North Carolina. She now teaches her soft slab and pinched techniques in workshops throughout Northern California and continues to teach regularly at Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek, CA. www.generousnaturepottery.com