Member Exhibit Venues

El Cerrito Community Center

JoAnn McMahon, Joules: a series of six oil paintings

June 26 – August 13

McMahon – Rodeo Beach

Coming Attraction–

August 14 – September 30, 2019

Karen Scroggs, Digital photography

Rural Rhythms: Reflections on Barns

“I want to offer two perspectives of familiar rolling hills of California and old barns. Digital photography’s expanded color palette allows shifting color spectrum and alters the perceived environment. Recolored barns of Sonoma and Mendocino juxtaposed with the unchanged whitewashed barns of Marin’s Pierce Ranch seems to provide a fresh view.”

El Cerrito Library

Artwork by Lisa Yount, Nancy Yates and Sylvia Mori illustrates Contra Costa’s summer theme, “Space – Take Me to Your Reader”, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Our exhibit is part of their interactive program to engage children and families in reading activities and resources to keep learning alive over the summer months.

June 14 – August 8

Yount, Space Jellies

El Cerrito DMV

July 17 – November 13
Summer Vacation

Featuring the work of Lynda Arnold, Christopher Beasley, Nick Brooks, Steve DeMello, and Doug Donaldson. Most of the works are photographs and photo collages, with subjects ranging from vacation destinations, such as Arches National Park, to vacation transportation, particularly cars. For something different, Steve DeMello’s cool blue acrylic abstracts suggest a day at the beach.

The theme of the next show, November 13 – March 13 is Peace. Think about which of your art works convey a peaceful feeling!

Linda Arnold, Jester
Doug Donaldson, Delicate Arch
Steve DeMello, In the Water

Christopher Beasley, Nurture


Nick Brooks, Cuba