2023 Annual Art Show & Sale

October 6 – 8, 2023
El Cerrito Community Center, 7007 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito CA

Artists’ Show Schedule & Deadlines

Early Bird Entry August 15  Payment
Final Entry September 15 Payment
Art Receiving Thursday, October 5, 4 -6:30 pm
Art Pick-up Sunday, October 8, 4:15-5:00 pm

No Refunds

Non-member: $25 per entry
Member: $15 per Early Bird entry
$20 per entry Aug 15 – Sep 15
Bin Sales $10 flat rate, maximum 10 items, members only
Membership $40 per calendar year

Entry Categories:

ECAA members may enter 3 pieces per category. Non-members may enter 2 entries per category. Limit of one entry in the Special category for all artists. Multiple images as one entry, such as diptych, must be connected and meet dimension and all other display qualifications.

1 Oil Any 2-dimensional surface painted only with traditional, alkyd or water-based oils.
2 Acrylic Any 2-dimensional surface painted only with acrylic paint.
3 Watercolor 3-L Landscape; 3-O Other than landscape (two sub-categories):
Any 2-dimensional surface painted only with watercolor, including gouache. China white, pen & ink accents OK.
Entries may be made under both or either sub-category, for a total of no more than 3 for members, or 2 for non-members.
4 Pastel Works completed in chalk, soft or oil pastels.
5 Black & White Photography Film or digital. No use of Photoshop-like filters, distortion or other software.
6 Color Photography Film or digital. No use of Photoshop-like filters, distortion or other software.
7 Digitized Art Original images, photos or other artwork by the entering artist, combined, modified or manipulated by computer software programs for the final image.
8 Sculptural Forms All 3-dimensional objects made from single or combined elements, including origami. No jewelry.
9 Mixed Media/Collage Original images and art by the entering artist. If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, uses multiple mediums or is a collage, your art belongs here!
10 Drawing Media Works completed in standard drawing media, including charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, crayon, pen and ink (including wash) etc. and all Sumi ink work.
11 Printmaking Relief, intaglio, silkscreen, monotypes, mono-prints, etc.
12 SPECIAL CATEGORY THEME “ABUNDANCE”. Limit one piece per artist, in any of the above media.

Terms of Eligibility:

  1. ECAA’s Annual Art Show is a non-juried show open to local Bay Area artists and limited to 250 entries.
  2. Participating artists must be living, and 18 years old by October 1, 2023.
  3. ALL entries must be original artwork of the artist. No reproductions. No works that copy or use all or a part of another artist’s work, including photographs or images from the internet, even if authorized or used by permission. No assemblage, decoupage, crafts or other work using materials from other sources.
  4. No work done in class, workshop or under other supervision.
  5. Artwork delivered to the show must be the same one listed on the Entry Form: No substitution of artwork.
  6. No artwork shall exceed 3 feet in any direction, including frame, except sculpture by prior approval.
  7. Sculptures may not exceed 30 lbs. and will be placed as directed by ECAA volunteers.
  8. No sale price may exceed $1,000. Artwork NFS by members only.
  9. ECAA does not collect sales tax. Artists are fully responsible for their own tax liabilities.
  10. Buyers will make payments to ECAA for all sales. Checks to artist, less 20% commission, mailed within two weeks.
  11. Artists retain all rights of reproduction and licensing, unless by specific agreement with buyers.
  12. Commission to ECAA on later sales resulting from show activity is the responsibility of the artist. Private sales of show items without payment to ECAA may disqualify artist from future shows.
  13. Family friendly: no nudes or violence. Final decision is ECAA’s.
  14. Insurance for loss or damage to artwork not provided. Liability is the responsibility of the artist.

Display Qualifications:

  1. Artists are responsible to prepare their entries ready for display before the Art Receiving period: 4–6:30 pm.
  2. Each entry must have a completed Artwork Label attached to the back, lower, right corner.
  3. All 2 -Dimensional work must be framed. Exception for “gallery wrapped” edges where artwork depth is at least 1 inch and images continue around sides consistent with artwork.
  4. All artwork except freestanding sculture must include a hanging wire (no string or nylon), not to extend beyond upper frame edge.
  5. Hangers MUST be flush with frames (D-rings). No saw-tooth hooks, screw eyes or clip frames.
  6. Ends of wire must be taped.
  7. All artwork requiring protective, clear covering must use acrylic glazing. NO GLASS!


Members’ Bin Sale Requirements:

  1. Entry in the main show is not required; however, Terms of Eligibility above apply.
  2. All pieces must be registered online before the Final Deadline.
  3. Prints, reproductions and collaborative artwork using internet or other artists’ images by permission are accepted here as an exception to eligibility for the main show.
  4. Members may submit a maximum of 10 items, not to exceed 3/8” thickness, including artwork on boards.
  5. No artwork on stretched canvas.
  6. Notecard packages count as one item.
  7. Attach completed Identification Labels before drop-off. Do not mail!
  8. Receipt provided by receiving crew on Thursday.
  9. All bin sale art must be unframed and in clear protective coverings.
  10. Sales on Saturday and Sunday only.
  11. Buyers take bin purchases at time of sale.

Members’ Lobby Table

Members may leave business cards, show postcards or small brochures. No artwork, just info.

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How To Enter